Why Boise is a Networking Dream

Why Boise is a Networking Dream

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By now, the secret’s out that Boise is a great place to start a business. Boise is quickly becoming a tech startup hub, and the opportunities are only getting better.
Seeing the potential for starting a booming Idaho business, entrepreneurs are drawn to Boise from all over the state, and from cities in California and the Pacific Northwest. The best minds out of business programs at BSU and C of I are taking note, and deciding to stick around and make their dreams happen right here in the Treasure Valley.
Whatever the case may be, there’s a cool thing that happens when entrepreneurs start coming together — and we’re seeing it more and more in Boise as innovation becomes more valuable, and technology drives their ideas home. People are finding each other. And the dynamic city of Boise is poised amidst this growth to become the ideal backdrop for some seriously effective networking. Here’s how!
People are “Boise Nice”
They say it’s who you know, and that seems to be true, at least to a certain extent. But in reality, it doesn’t matter who you know if you aren’t making a real, lasting connections.
Any business owner or entrepreneur who is starting a business in Boise should be encouraged by the fact that Boise is one of the friendliest cities around. Striking up conversations with strangers is more than just a common occurrence — it’s practically expected!
Finding someone to talk to at a networking event shouldn’t be a problem, and chances are the people you meet will be “Boise nice.” In other words, they’re “really really” nice!
Prime Venues
Boise is a great place for getting a startup off the ground in part because business networking is becoming more common as the after-work downtown happy hour scene has really started to gain momentum in the last five years.
As more and more establishments in the downtown area hold events specifically for business networking, like this  upcoming Network After Work event at Whiskey Bar, other venues can be used as more impromptu meetings.
Need to pick a place for a lunch date with a potential business owner, or after-work industry meetup in Boise? There are plenty of classy and affordable restaurants and bars in downtown Boise that are a perfect setting for socializing and enjoying great local fare while you’re at it.
There’s no need to go over-budget on a networking event. Even fine dining restaurants like The Brick Yard have fantastic lunch specials popular for mid-day business meetings. Happy hours are a dream at the swanky The Mode Lounge, which has specials on cocktails, as does Mai Thai, Alavita, Juniper, and St. Lawrence Gridiron, and The Modern.
Fewer degrees of separation
Boise isn’t a small town by any means — and it’s growing — but its “small city” status might be just the right size for entrepreneurs want to more easily make real connections with people, instead of simply adding to their pile of business cards, never to see the same face twice.
In this town, it’s possible to meet lots of people in the field if you are going to industry nights or meeting up with people who share your interests. And not only can you meet many amazing people, but it’s quite possible that you’ll actually see them around again.
Want to find a great Boise networking event? Here are a few places to start.
Since opening in February of 2015, Trailhead Boise has served the startup community of Boise well with workshops and seminars intended to help get startups off the ground. Find events like their upcoming Environmental Entrepreneur’s event by BSU and many more here.
Starting a tech company in the Boise area? Idaho Tech Council has made it their mission to “help Boise Idaho technology companies start, grow and thrive.” They’ve always got something great happening for Boise techies, so check out their events.
Boise Young Professionals is building quite the force of young professionals to grow the next wave of business. Check out their events here.
Lastly, don’t forget about Boise Meetups for business professionals. With so many active professionals looking to meet, you shouldn’t have a problem finding plenty of places to get out there and mingle.
If networking has never really been your thing, Boise might just be a good place to make it your thing. Not only is it easy to get your foot in the door with great people who share similar goals, but there’s also a pretty decent chance you’ll make some real friends while you’re at it!

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