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These successful, innovative, conscious businesses are Startup Idaho partners changing the way business works in our state

Philip Bennett started Prodromos Marketing in 2010 after 25 years in high level management and then marketing. He felt that there were too many companies offering smoke and mirror services, and very few who actually understood the power of effective marketing. Prodromos Marketing covers all aspects of brand and direct response marketing by offering coaching, seminars, and product platforms to increase client acquisition and retention.
Prodromos’s mission is to provide the tools for you to make more, do more, and have more of whatever is important to you by helping you to remove the road blocks of complexity on your path to freedom. By creating an environment of accountability, reliability, feedback, and encouragement, Prodromos Marketing can give you the opportunities for meaningful growth that help you live out your dreams. … visit website

Collabortank is Boise’s training and startup launch program, helping aspiring entrepreneurs in the Treasure Valley build enduring companies. Collabortank’s express purpose is to affirm, equip, inspire, and grow those that may otherwise never start a business venture, create jobs, or realize the freedom of self-direction. Collabortank’s goal is to create a co-space that inspires collaboration and learning for individuals in various disciplines—entrepreneurs, inventors, and students interested in becoming entrepreneurs.
The best way to learn is through doing. Through a structured curriculum coupled with a collaborative office environment, entrepreneurs get the training they need for where they are in the development process. Through the Collabortank program, entrepreneurs emerge as founders of successful and enduring products and companies. … visit website

Startup Side Hustle is an event series and coming website designed to educate and create pitching opportunities for local entrepreneurs. Each month we welcome entrepreneurs to pitch to a panel of mentors and members of the community with the express goal of gaining valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t, and to take active steps towards getting funding. These pitching opportunities will range from Elevator Pitches to creating a deck and doing an extended pitch in a competition setting with the idea that every entrepreneur–whether they are in the side hustle phase or ready to go all in–should be pitching constantly through their process.
The startup side hustle is really where we all begin–working and funding our own ideas with the goal of creating a product or a business. This group is designed to help take you from the side hustle to the point of being able to realize those goals, while continuously supporting you and offering tools at every stage of development.
Each event also includes amazing educational opportunities by creating a platform for various entrepreneurial successes to touch upon what worked for them, what didn’t, and what they would do moving forward with a project. It is an amazing opportunity to learn from practice and experience, to gain value from experts in their field, and to network with other members of the startup community. Here is to creating a process for success in the startup community! visit website

For enthusiastic entrepreneurs with ideas and determination to succeed, this is one “kick” they can get excited about. Kick Boise is an entrepreneurial education program that aims to help entrepreneurs through the difficult early stages and onto the path of sustainable profitability. The program, which requires a commitment to twice weekly sessions over a six-week period, pushes participants through the process of moving their ideas into reality. Participants can be impact, lifestyle, or social entrepreneurs planning startups using a profit, nonprofit, or hybrid model.
Kick Boise director and founder of Collabortank, Philip D. Bennett, is known for helping entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. He has been dishing out insight and spurring startups into action since he started his own entrepreneurial journey in 2004. And, as his growing band of followers is happy to attest to, it’s advice that works—customized, action-driven, results-oriented. Helping fledgling startups find their path to freedom is something Bennett sees Boise supporting.
“Boise continues to embrace entrepreneurship and the energy and innovation that comes from the startup environment,” says Bennett. “Our community has been supportive of our efforts and we continue to look forward to integrating more community involvement with our efforts to make Boise a thriving ecosystem for local entrepreneurs.”
The challenges entrepreneurs face getting their businesses off the ground is something that Bennett has a lot of experience with. In fact, the launch of Kick comes on the heels of the launch of Bennett’s brain child and local incubator, Collabortank, which will take place on September 15th. Additionally he is the founder and CEO of Prodromos Marketing, has launched 3 client acquisition brands, and has been at the helm of several successful service industry startups for the past 13 years.
“My strategy is to help entrepreneurs overcome their challenges through sharing my personal experience, and by offering solutions to overcome roadblocks of complexity to get back on their path to freedom,” says Bennett. … visit website

White Rapids Marketing (WRM) in partnership with Prodromos Media helps assist Startup Idaho with Development, Design and online marketing strategies. WRM is also a member at collabortank, Startupsidehustle and the founding company Prodromos marketing. White Rapids Marketing has a long standing in the SEO and Online Marketing industry and has been serving Startups to Fortune 500 Companies since 1999. They play a strategic role in early stage companies online strategies as part of their give back program by co:creating continuing education workshops for the Startup Idaho and Collabortank community.