“Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.” – Drew Houston, CEO Dropbox

Even with the internet.

Even with startup friendly policies.

Even with more resources and freedom now than ever before – 80% of companies fail within the first 24 months.

There is a story in this statistic.

It’s a story of frustration, self defeating talk, inability to take action and overwhelm.

Startup Idaho is a community-dedicated movement that is working relentlessly to take small businesses and entrepreneurs measurably closer to that one instance of “getting it right” – without confusion, heartache and pitfalls along the way.

G – Give up doubts
R – Rev up the research
O – Outline plans & processes
W – Worry is natural. Learn to get past it
T – Tenacity and persistence make you a winner
H – Higher & higher – Keep dreaming BIG


Startup Idaho isn’t about the investors. Startup Idaho isn’t about the media. Startup Idaho isn’t about the government or the sponsors.

Startup Idaho is singularly focused on identifying talent, bridging gaps and gathering the tools that can TOGETHER turn our land of potential into one of golden opportunities.

Idaho is bustling with the entrepreneurial spirit – from co-working spaces to garage set-ups. From meet-up groups to the University.

SUID is a directory of success for the inspired and the curious who can use it’s high quality curated content, events info, job news & free resources to go from blueprint to reality.

free postings for tech startup events.Peruse
the offering of post your own.
ever-expanding list of organizations and
services for tech-startups.
curated collection of tech startup career
tips and trends, profiles of startups and
community leaders.
highlightings from the above.

Tying Startups, Established Businesses & Education with a Common Thread:

  • Without the S.T.E.M of science and entrepreneurial awareness the concept of Idaho as a progressive US state can never take root. SUID will establish startups and self owned businesses as a viable alternative career and make quality training, incubation and support available to students interested in exploring the life of an entrepreneur.
  • SUID will draw established businesses into the startup dialogue. Organizations that have gone ahead can contribute not only funds but also invaluable know-how and mentoring. The ultimate aim is an ecosystem where entrepreneurs and legacy businesses benefit each other and spread the rewards of their cooperation across the state.
  • SUID will break barriers, connect intent. Socially underserved communities, students, entrepreneurs, businesses public and private – all value creators with the intention of uplifting Idaho will be able to exchange ideas, good will, wisdom and resources through SUID’s meet-ups and centralized publishing platform.

Making Idaho the Silicon Valley – with Heart.