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Startup Idaho - Startup Idaho Jobs
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Startup Idaho

Idaho is bustling with entrepreneurial activity and the startup spirit, from the Treasure Valley to the Boise State University, after-school activities to industry meetups, garages to co-working spaces.  Startup Idaho will help you navigate this sea of resources and connections, and serve as a megaphone for our region’s success. Powered by the City’s Office of Economic Development, this site brings you:

  • Events: free postings for tech startup events. Peruse the offerings or post your own.
  • Resources: ever-expanding list of organizations and services for tech-startups.
  • Jobs: curated collection of tech startup career opportunities.
  • Blog: tips and trends, profiles of startups and community leaders.
  • Newsletter: highlights from the above.

But wait, there’s more.  We’re committed to activism in the community, and will work to:

  • Measure and promote the impact of tech startups on our economy.
  • Foster startup communities. As the flow of entrepreneurial ideas is nurtured by talent, resources and key business services, we will help support and create innovation centers in Boise and beyond.
  • Expand opportunities in technology. Focusing particularly on underserved communities and students, we’ll partner with the Seattle Public Schools, community organizations and the private sector to provide meaningful experiences in technology and entrepreneurship.

Idaho is a great place to live and work. With all of these ingredients for success, together we can make Idaho the best place in the world to startup.

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Startup Idaho
2675 W Main Stareet, Boise, Idaho 83702 USA