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What Startup Idaho Offers

Startup Idaho is an integral part of the business economy of Idaho. Working along side not just startups and small business but along side major companies here within the Treasure Valley and entire state of Idaho.

Local- Period
We need to keep Idaho’s economy strong and keep companies and jobs inside of Idaho.

Veterans Only Job Board Section
Supporting our troops! Helping companies find GREAT talent and our vetrans amazing jobs!

Startup Idaho your 1 stop resource
We have the 1 stop resource for all people. Starting a company, looking for a job, or looking for a career..

From Our Blog

Great resources of information within our blog.

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Coming Soon: Startup Idaho’s App for your mobile devices

Searching for jobs will never be easier. Now you can find job matched your career expectation, apply for jobs and receive feedback right on your mobile. Get Startup Idaho mobile app and start your job search now! Coming April 2016

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Startup Idaho
2675 W Main Stareet, Boise, Idaho 83702 USA