Introducing JawsTec: A 3D Printing Service in Idaho

Introducing JawsTec: A 3D Printing Service in Idaho


[At Startup Idaho, our mission is to bring value oriented providers to companies who want to make a difference. This is the brand story of JawsTec. The purpose of the post is to highlight their offer, underline their goals and present them to both potential customers and investors]

JawsTec is a 3D Printing Service for prototyping prints and small to medium production parts. The business was created at the end of 2017 with the purchase of an EOS P 396. This is the first EOS production plastic printer in Idaho. Plastic nylon 12 is the material this EOS machine prints with. This material provides good temperature change qualities and strength. This material is also lighter than most molded plastics on the market.

In our personal experience we have created a drone that can fly also 1.5x longer with our plastics than a carbon fiber drone. We have tested the tensile strength and found that it held up under immense pressure. We are looking to provide companies and individuals production quality plastic and metal prints. We have ordered a metal printer from a company in Boston and look to have that set up by May in 2018. Our goal is to increase website traffic and then later provide businesses with monthly prints for those who need them.

We are advertising on Google and Bing. We are looking to gain more traction though in the business market. Right now we are completed several orders with one week of activity on our website. We have had a lot more traffic at the start than most businesses starting and we are very excited to see the results.

To get a quote from us, we want people to visit our website. There we have a quote page that a user will then upload a CAD drawing in .stl file form. We then give them an instant quote and offer volume discounts for that print. The user then selects the material, color of the part, and adds any comments. We then review the print and will contact the user if we see any issuers in the part. We start the print by loading in a bunch of different prints at the same time. This maximizes the area used in the print for quicker turn around. We then will get the part shipped to the customer within 5-6 days of the purchase of the print.


Interested in learning more about JawsTec? Please get in touch with them here


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