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Thank you for expressing interest in guest posting on the Startup Idaho Blog:

We appreciate varied viewpoints and eclectic skill sets. We appreciate your expertise. We generally receive anywhere between 3 and 10 guest post requests every week and so we need to have some guidelines in place.

  1. Please email a 100 word summary of what you will be presenting in the post to trina@philipdbennett.com. This is for the Startup Idaho content team to evaluate. Often we may revert with a slightly altered suggestion of topic based on your expertise and what we need to have in our pipeline at this point of time.
  2. Once we give you the green to proceed, kindly write out the piece keeping in mind that:
    • The post needs to have tangible take-aways for startups.
    • We suggest you read existing posts for the “tone” and “voice” of the general content.
    • The post should be at least 500 words for SEO purposes.
    • You should avoid links to personal pages in the blog. You can attach one outbound link to the bio that you submit with the blog.
    • Your post might be very lightly edited by our Startup Idaho editor. We will email you once it is up.
  3. Please submit the post to trina@philipdbennett.com.
  4. We will email you once the blog is up. The wait time is generally two weeks.

Startup Idaho is always looking for opportunities to expand its brand. If you have a well placed blog we would like to hear about it and any guest post opportunities in line with our niche. Kindly send over these details to trina@philipdbennett.com.

Thank you for your time.

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